Thursday, July 10, 2008


Found this gem in the Metro today.
Let's go over the key points:
1. This is apparently in the Necrophilia section of the paper? I hope its not next to the obituaries, as that could be disastrous.
2. Having sex with dead people only got voted down 5-2 in Wisconsin, which means there are two appointed judges who had the "Eh, fuck it" attitude towards this topic.
3. Reason number 1,249 why i will not move to Wisconsin
4. I guess the main reason for the decision was "dead people can't give consent", and not because its fucking disgusting and deranged and demented and crazy.
5. Does this mean people will have the right to have their tombstones engraved with things such as "Feel free to Fuck my dead body." and that would make it OK?
6. This person who fucked the corpse had two freinds who were apparently good enough freinds to help this guy out? WTF. How does that conversation go? "Dude what are you doing this weekend? Nothing? Oh can you help me dig up someone to fuck?

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