Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hooters Turns 25

So Americas beloved Hooters chain turns 25 this year!
Isn't that awesome! Good for Hooters!
It's great to know that a chain restaurant can survive in America.
I always worry about chain restaurants, but 25 years of Hooters is proof that if you have the drive and will to succeed in the "chain game" you really can.
OK enough sarcasm.
This Hooters thing raises many questions for me.
Wanna see some, you can even discus them on your own if you like.
1. Is the original Hooters all saggy now?
2. Are any of the original girls still Hootin' it up for tips?
Or have they moved on other things?
3. Maybe some of them went to corporate?
4. Some of the girls who work there now, were not even alive when the original one opened, so do you think there is a mother daughter pair working there?
5. How do they fire old chics?
6. Do they have a no fat chic policy? or do the fat chics get Monday lunch shifts?
7. Based on the success of Hooters, do you think I should open up a "Packages" which is FOR the ladies, if you get my drift.
8. Do they have a Hooters hall of fame?
9. If they do, how many girls named Cheryl are in it? And do they retire bras and bra sizes? Would there be numbers on the wall (like in baseball) 36DD for example?
10. Most importantly do they have another 25 years left in em? I think all the Hooters around here went under?

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