Wednesday, October 3, 2007


You know what?
Everybody always talks about how great the Garden of Edan was, and how much of a huge bummer it is that we got kicked out (because Eve ate god's only apple and he really wanted it cuz he has one everyday for his beakfast or something).
But I bet Eden wasn't as cool as everyone thinks it was.
If you think about it, this "garden" was probably really, really hyped up.
Especially after all these centuries of old people regaling us with tales of their forgotten youth, this thing HAS to be way blown out of proportion.
I mean Eden is most likely one of those things that EVERYBODY talks about, like a new club or something, so you finally cave in and go check it out,
but this club isn't really fabulous at all its just a bunch of Eurotrash dudes drinking over priced drinks and grinding on the drunkest slut with the most boobs showing.
Even worse, the Garden of Eden was "supposedly" in Persia or something, and you know how those Persians can get in clubs.
And on top of everyting else picture the line outside this place, most likely the longest velvet rope EVER and all the stupid clergy just jump to the front of the line and get right in, while all of us common folk just stand there like idiots polishing our apples trying to dance to the faint thumping of some Gregorian chant chart topper. Screw that.
So I am kind of glad she ate that apple, after all fruit is delicious,
and I am OK with trading some hot sweaty overrated outdoor nudist Persian club scene for delicious fruit.