Monday, May 14, 2007


In yet another example showing how our society is an undenyably greedy, instant gratification fueled mess of a society, we find out that certain organizations and individuals are screwing our college students.

What the hell is going on here?
The one thing we have going for us at this time in the ever emerging global economy is the fact the students come from all over the world to receive the best education available. The education one can get in the United States is undenyably one of the best in the world.
and now some greedy, backwards, politicans and business people are ruining the very fabric of our education system.

HOW in the world can anybody even fathom taking advantage of a struggling college student.
God friggin damn it, I have to work my ass of to pay my loans, I put my damn self through school, it wasn't my rich parents, of which I have none. It was pure survival instinct and thirst for knowledge and a better life.
And now i come to find out I was possibly taken advantage of?

When is it going to stop, where will the line be drawn?
How far away are we as a culture from punching babies?
I can imagine if there was a profit to be made from punching babies in the face, some heartless marketing data driven company would rasie a fist for high Q1 earnings.

Turning a profit on school loans?
Taking kickbacks at our expense?
Just so you can take your fat wife out for a 5 spice quail dinner on my dime?
You sick, sick son of a bitch.

Does no one see the long road?
Can anyone understand how this could possibly damage our country or world in the long run?
Can anyone think past the glimmering bits of shallow wealth that are dangeled in front of their drooling faces?

Oh wow, maybe kids won't go to college because they can't afford it, if I take this money?
Is it OK for me to buy a BMW, knowing that some poor child from South Carolina will have to take a full time job at the mall and go to Community College rather than receiving the education they rightfully deserve.
Shame on you who ever you are.
Shame on you all.

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